Los Angeles Lakers: What’s next, Pau Gasol gone?

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Kobe Bryant

With Pau Gasol, despite his previous two lackluster playoff performances, the Los Angeles Lakers have a hot trade commodity. The rumors getting the most buzz include Josh Smith of the Atlanta Hawks, and Kyle Lowry of the Houston Rockets. Smith is a guy who can step right into Los Angeles’ offense and make a direct impact. He’s coming off of a career year, and while I’m not the biggest fan of his, Atlanta also has a decent amount of role players that would go into this trade, allowing the Lakers to add to their bench. With Kyle Lowry, the Lakers get what they wanted in Ramon Sessions. Sessions was decent in the regular season, but didn’t even come close to living up to expectations in the postseason. Lowry would give the Lakers the point guard they want, and if they add Luis Scola into the mix, LA would have just about as much talent as anybody in the league.

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Los Angeles is in a tough spot right now. Last year, the Lakers got to the Conference Semifinals and were swept by the eventual NBA Champion, Dallas Mavericks. This year, they get to the same spot. Only this time around, they win one game, but against an emerging powerhouse in the Western Conference whose ceiling only seems to be rising. The Oklahoma City Thunder is the present and the future in not only the Western Conference, but the NBA. The only team stopping the Thunder from starting a potential dynasty is the San Antonio Spurs. Read more…


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One Response to Los Angeles Lakers: What’s next, Pau Gasol gone?

  1. Throw says:

    didn’t your parents tell you starting rumors are equal to lying. The Hawks aren’t trying to trade Smith for Gasol. Any idiot knows that Smith is worth more than Pau himself has to offer.And you would think Smith plus a role player for Gasol!! Get a life and stop Dreaming! Smith for Bynum that would have been more believable, They are both young talent.

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