300px Grant Hill 2007 12 08 The love, hate career of Grant Hill

Yesterday I sat down at work, eating lunch like any normal day. Its funny seeing people smile at me as they walk; my lunch routine is exactly the same. I clock out, warm up my food, and turn on NBA  TV. Even during off-season, I’m locked in. Yesterday was the perfect day to do so. There was a nice replay of the USA vs Brazil game, as well as some nice free agent information.

Free agency is like Christmas in July to me. The silent (and sometimes obnoxious) excitement is the greatest feeling to me.

It just so happened that as I’m turning on the TV, Grant Hill‘s name runs by. Apparently, Grant Hill is supposed to be heading to the Los Angeles Clippers; news that sounded like sweet music to my ear.

If this deal goes through, the merger of one of my all time favorite players and on of my all time favorite teams would happen.

Grant Hill’s career has been a love/hate career. Most people love the fact that he’s lasted so long in the league. However, his legacy being robbed from him, most people hate the possibility of Hill going away without ever winning a championship.

Personally, I expect Grant Hill to go away without winning a championship. Honestly, I believe that if Hill doesn’t pull a Ray Allen and sell out to Miami (yea I said that), there will be no chance for him to win a championship. As good as the Clippers have been this past year, it will be years before they are truly considered title contenders, much less championship material. Don’t get me wrong, Grant Hill brings a nice offensive set to the Clippers. Grant still has one of the best perimeter games in the league, and that will merge nicely in LA, especially with the absence of Mo Williams. Also, consider the fact that Chauncey Billups will be back,  and this team will be able to score with the best, lob city or not. Read more here…