Magic owner doesn’t want to trade Dwight Howard

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Dwight HowardDwight Howard is the Orlando Magic and owner of the team, Richard DeVos, is doing everything to show the 26-year-old center how much he wants to keep him.

Just before the Magic’s game against the Miami Heat on Wednesday, via ESPN DeVos stated,  “I don’t want to trade him.”

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Who blames him? Why would anyone want to trade away the main staple in your franchise?

He continued adding that Howard is free to do what ever he wants, “You never give up. We’ve got a great talent, a great young man. He’s got to look at his options, what’s best for him and I have to tell him what I think is best for him. I’m selfish. The respect for people is fundamental. They have their interest where they want to go and they may or may not coincide with mine. Life goes on.”

Howard wants to lead a team to a championship but is money really the focus of him asking for a trade?

The Magic are now 16-10 which includes a hot start and a period of being blown out nightly.

Howard has begged the Magic to surround him with talent.

The same way Kobe begged the Lakers. Kobe’s organization sent in Pau Gasol.

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One Response to Magic owner doesn’t want to trade Dwight Howard

  1. Genuine30096 says:

    Now, here’s another ‘Duh’ moment.  Of course the Magic owner DOESN’T want to trade Howard.  Howard is the BEST PLAYER on that team, by far.  And, has been the best thing Orlando has seen in competitive sports in a LONG TIME.  BUT, the owner and his GM has failed Howard, year after year after year.  They have had opportunities to place valid support players around him and failed.  Gilbert Arenas and his outlandish contract?  Otis Smith, PLEASE!!!!!

    Do right by Howard.  Either make the Magic a TRUE CONTENDER, or trade the man.  It’s evident that he is an extremely hard worker and dedicated to the game. Devos, DO THE RIGHT THING. 

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