Mariah Carey: TSB’s hottie

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Our Hottie of the Week is none other than the sexy, talented and top female vocalist of all-time, Mariah Carey.

I can still remember my Mariah Carey shrine in my bedroom as a teenager. In fact, if it wasn’t that I was forced to take it down it may have traveled with me all these years.

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Mariah Carey is not only one of the most visually pleasing women, but her talent and voice bring her to a status that no one else can reach.

There has always been something special about Mariah Carey. Her amazing vocal range mixed with the beauty of an angel somehow always leaves everyone memorized.

In the late 80’s and early 90’s Mariah Carey was the good girl. She was pure, beautiful and a young up and coming artist that was taking the world by storm.

Songs such as “Without You”, “Dreamlover”, “Vision of Love” and “Hero” topped the charts as she would take home the Grammy for Best New Artist and her self entitled album was the bestselling album in 1991.

Her success continued and she would eventually marry Sony executive producer Tommy Mottola who signed her to her first contract, but she felt locked underneath the arms of Mottola and they would separate in 1997.

Enter the new and good girl gone bad Mariah Carey, whose image changed faster than a roller-coaster.

Mariah released¬†Butterfly¬†and launched it with the single “Honey”. The lyrics and music video which presented a more overtly sexual image of her than had been previously seen shocked many but led to an instant attraction by many.

It wasn’t that Mariah Carey wasn’t beautiful to begin with but when her sexuality came out it opened a different door for the superstar something she wasn’t used to while under Sony Records.

Mariah also expanded her ventures as a songwriter, record producer, film producer and actress.

In 2000 the World Music Awards named Carey the best-selling female artist of all time, and she has recorded the most U.S. number-one singles for a female artist. In addition to her commercial accomplishments, she is well-known for her melismatic singing voice, vocal range, power, and technical ability.

Fast forward to today and Mariah Carey, at age 41, is still smoking hot and is the most successful female singer of all-time.



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