The Melky Cabrera quandary and the ongoing hypocrisy of MLB

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I’m really getting tired of writing about drug use in Major League Baseball.  So much so that this time around, I’m going to be brief.

I…. don’t …. care.  How’s that?

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What our national pastime has presented us with, once again, is enough gray to rival the world’s largest rain cloud and an institution that has turned its head on the heroes it once revered, yet never felt the slightest bit guilty about cashing the checks they brought into the game.

Let the hypocrisy continue with Melky Cabrera.

I haven’t watched a single San Francisco Giants game this year yet, from what I understand, Cabrera was having himself quite the season.  He has 159 hits, which led the league as of August 18th, and a .346 batting average, second only to Pittsburgh’s Andrew McCutchen, who Major League Baseball has to be secretly hoping wins the NL batting title.  Why?  Because Cabrera is eligible to win the batting title even after his fifty-game suspension for use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Keep your fingers crossed, Bud.  We’re all rooting against you on this one.

The next person to make sense of this head-scratching predicament will be the first.  Let’s say I became the top salesman at my job, yet broke company policy to do so, would I still be eligible for my bonus or have it swept out from under me?  Major League Baseball wants to pretend it’s penalizing its athletes for wrongdoing, yet rewards them in the very same breath.

I can picture it now, Bud Selig at his desk, phone pressed against his ear, chatting away with the person on the other end of the line.  One of Selig’s assistants walks in to his office and tells him that Cabrera failed a drug test.  Selig responds listlessly, paying more attention to the phone call than to the HGH bomb just dropped in his lap.  “Suspended!  Yea, yea!” Selig shouts as he signs off without a care. Read more…

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