Miami Heat should part ways with Wade

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Dwayne WadeThe Miami Heat should part with Dwyane Wade. The Heat play better without him. Wade is injury prone. And above all else, they have Lebron freaking James! The Miami Heat are currently riding an impressive six game winning streak without Wade. NBA teams say that the Heat are extremely dangerous when Wade is not on the floor because they spread the floor more. This leaves more lanes for Lebron to drive to the hoop without it being crowded, and everyone standing around. In the past three games, the Heat have been shooting 32-60, 53% from behind the arc. With Wade not playing, the Heat are spacing the floor, and it gives Lebron the chance to drive and kick to the shooters.

Wade is known for being injury prone. Out of 656 games that he could have played (not including this year), he has played in 547 of them. Looking at that percentage you’d think that’s not that bad, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Wade has always tried to play through his injuries or he has missed a long streak of games. You have to admire Wade for playing through his injuries, but does that help or hurt his longevity in the league? Wade is known for his highlight lay-ups and dunks because of how he charges to the basket but he is reckless, he plays hard, and he doesn’t care how he goes up — or how he comes down for that matter. That’s exciting for Sportscenter, but for an owner that has millions of dollars invested, that’s not something you smile from ear to ear about.

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Lebron is known for his famous line “that he’s taking his talents to Miami”, and that’s exactly what he did. Since playing for the Heat, he has shot 51% from the field and averaged 26 points, 7 rebounds, and 7 assists. Lebron, like Wade needs the ball in his hands. He likes to set up the play and create his own shots off the dribble. He doesn’t do well with catching and shooting on the wing, but is working on moving without the ball to create shots. Lebron unlike Wade doesn’t miss games. This guy is as healthy as they come. If you hear of Lebron missing any time, it’s usually because they want to manage his minutes going into the postseason.

Now is the best time for Miami to trade Wade. Every time he gets injured, compare him to a car getting into an accident — his value simply goes down. Trading Wade would bring in depth and valuable players to build around the strong nucleus of Lebron James/Chris Bosh. Let’s face it, much like Brandon Roy, Wade is one good injury away from forced retirement. Wade has been invaluable during his career in Miami, however all good things must come to an end. I know it would upset fans, but Miami needs to trade Dwyane Wade.

Lamont Broadus is a NBA team writer for TSB. Follow him on Twitter @TheSportologist

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36 Responses to Miami Heat should part ways with Wade

  1. Roosevelt Hall says:

    Wade is the oldest of the big three but the biggest problem for Miami is the fact that Wade and James’s games are so similar. It’s hard for them to stay out of each other’s way on offense sometimes.

  2. Jay Jr says:

    I agree!! Wade is a great player but that team would be better with 2 or 3 other good players in exchange for that 1 great player.

    • Heat Fan since '88 says:

      The Heat should part ways with Wade? LMAO. Anyone who would suggest this nonsense are either fans of an Eastern Conference rival, never watch the Heat play or simply smoking way too many “funny cigarettes”. Sure, trade a perennial all star who typically scores over 25 points per game.

      Keep dreamin’ haters.. and enjoy watching Miami in the finals again this year

  3. Aaron Moon says:

    Concur. Whose team is this again? Looks like Lebron’s!

  4. Victor says:

    This article is plain dumb. And if you consider yourself a sportsalogist then I guess I should change my career and become one too, because this is the biggest pile of garbage I have ever read. But so is most things that I read from FoxSports. You trade DWade then Lebron might as well stayed in Cleavland. If it wasnt for DWade they would’nt even had a fighting chance against Dallas in the finals last year. If it wasnt for DWade They wouldnt be able to execute pick and rolls the way they do when he is in. DWade has a ring and has proven to be a beast against anyone he goes against. Including Lebron..just look back at when Lebron used to paly for Cleavland DWade went Toe to Toe wit him and was out scoring him. DWade, Lebron and Bosh is a great combo. And he does get injured but thats part of the game and a team should be able to carry themselves if a star gets hurt its a team sport. But if you are saying to trade DWade just because of their recent record since he has been hurt you should be fired. They are going to need DWade when they play those hard to beat West teams when Lebron cant finish. When Lebron cant close or make a clutch play to save his life. And in conclusion the only reason they are able to spread the floor better since DWade has been gone is only because they got Miller back a big part to their team! So let me know when their is a postion for a Sportologist so that I can apply!

    • al says:

      The only thing dumb on this page is your response. You spelled sportologist, Cleveland (twice), wouldn’t, and multiple other words wrong. You switched tenses several times in the middle of a sentence. Your whole rant was the worst display of basic English I’ve ever seen. Bottom line is, Wade plays better when Lebron isn’t in and vice versa. The team would be better off with more quality role players and two all stars than they would with three all stars. Also, being injury prone is a valid reason to trade someone. How valuable is a superstar to your team if he sits on the bench in a suit? Not very. I agree a team should be able to carry themselves when someone gets hurt, but not a team who has this high of a percentage of their salary cap invested in three players. If Lebron plays better and you can get better players around him without DWade, and I love Wade, then tell him to pack his bags.

      • vic says:

        Well my rant wasn’t about my English grammar and being that I wrote on my cell its still better than this article, and yes I kept going back and forth on topics cause this is just ridiculous, I guess bulls should trade DRose cause he might be accident prone to, get real even with DWades way of playing he still won a ring, and if your going to criticise my
        Grammar becoming a teacher.

      • Pffff!! says:

        Are you the proper grammar police? Really?

  5. Miami Mike says:

    You are an idiot!!! If it wasn’t for Wade, Lebron would have never even signed with Miami. So what if we are beating mediocre teams without him in the lineup. Wade gives us the clutch player that we need in the playoffs when Lebron disappears. Wade already got a ring without him and Wade will always have one more ring than Lebron does.

  6. rich piont says:

    CHi-Town baby….D- Wade can win anywhere…Send him Home if hes getting traded.

  7. Can Cleveland fans, da haters {looking to separate Wade from Lebron}, Dan Gilbert –> ALL YOU GUYS PLEAAZZE CAN U MOVE ON FROM LAST YRS FREE AGENCY & GET A LIFE ???

    Lebron OR WADE is going NOWHERE especially if the HEAT wins 2 out of da next 3 titles
    before they resigns with the HEAT in 2014 to make good of his NOT 3, NOT 4, NOT 5, NOT 6 TITLES…. ..

    Da 7 biggest HEAT HATERS on da PLANET and RANKED !!

    1. Charles Barkley
    2. Jon Barry
    3. Jason Whitlock
    4. Bill Simmons
    5. Stephen A. Smith
    6. Kelly Dwyer
    7. Bill Reiter

    • al says:

      Okay, first of all, you’re an idiot. Almost everything you said makes no sense. Second, six championships?!? I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Heat lost last year, and they didn’t get any better. Meanwhile, some other teams have. Lebron and Bosh are 27 and Wade is 30. Do you really think these guys are going to win six titles in a row up until they are 33, 33, and 36?!? Wade will probably retire or be close to it by then. Even if Wade plays 6 or 7 more years (even if he does, he’ll be no more than a role player by that age), the Heat will be lucky if they win two titles.

  8. 305player says:

    I agreed with some of the comments on here that the only reason Lebron came to Miami was because of Wade, but as a true Miami fan, I will not trade Wade unless Miami were to be getting Howard. That would be the only player in this league that would make the Heat better than they are now.

  9. d-rel says:

    I agree with this article.
    Trade D-Wade to the Bulls for Deng, Noah, and Gibson
    That would give the Heat 3 top notch defenders that don’t require the ball on offense. The heat would have a much more balanced team and would be able to dominate the league

    I hate the heat so I honestly hope they don’t trade D-wade. I hope they never win a title.

    good article. I would have liked more statistics to support your argument, but still good read

  10. TheChris says:

    You are forgetting the fact that Lebron folds up like a cheap tent at the worst possible time in the playoffs. Sure, trade Wade and put all the pressure on James…they will kick ass the rest of the season then watch the crumbling begin.

  11. vic says:

    After what DWade did to the knicks , who was the idiot that said we should trade him. Really !

  12. Heat fan since '88 says:

    Lamont Broadus …. You’re an idiot. Obviously you don’t believe this nonsense. This article is simply a publicity stunt to get cheap attention. Trade a perennial All Star who contributes over 25 points a game. LMAO. Lamont, whatever you’re smoking, share the wealth because it must be damn good to come up with this silliness. And the posters on this thread simply agree because they’re tired on the Heat kicking their home team’s collective butts on every occasion.
    Keep dreamin’ haters. Go Heat!

  13. tammy says:

    trade wade and you’ll get a disgruntled and angry LBJ & CB4!!! this writer doesn’t know what he’s talking about!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Lamont Broadus some of the statements regarding Wade’s play style not being good for longevity are correct the statements about increased stats is also correct. However the conclusion of such statements should mean parting ways with Wade are preposterous. and utter nonsense. Coaching that takes better advantage of the two headed monster of Wade/James is what should be called for. First 15 minutes of the game should include the big 3 and the last 3 minutes but the rest needs to allow wade to shine as an individual. Trade Wade? No way. At least no at this time who know in 2 yrs.

  15. DWadeaholic says:

    This article should be entitled Lamont Broadus smokes crack!  Wade is the single reason I began liking the Heat during his regular season.  He is probably the most clutch player in the league.  Put the pipe down, Lamont.  Crack is “NOT SEXY!!!”

  16. Heat fan in Dallas says:

    The problem is not Wade or Lebron it coaching …. your coach could not figure out how to beat a zone and make other adjustment during the game…. if you get a coach you will win at least 4 championships.

  17. I think it would be smart to trade him!

  18. CARTERMYERS says:


  19. chiminginlate says:

    Late to the party, but agree Mr. Broadus must be an idiot…trade Dwane Wade & build/count on LeBron (& Chris Bosh)…or is looking for attention. No question LeBron is a great talent/player, but he’s not a leader & showed same with the Cavs. One reason he went to Miami was to play with Wade & ‘share’ the pressure inherent to superstars & win all those rings. Yes, I’m from NE Ohio, but have no anger for his decision to leave Cleve other than the way he handled & then didn’t understand why people were upset. Trading Wade would be stupid on the Heat’s part…now if they don’t win a chmpionship this year they may have to look at their ‘big 3’.

  20. reyn3 says:

    your an idiot.lebron had his chance to run a team by himself(cavs)and how many rings did he win.thats the reason he came to miami.

  21. Viccilee says:

    PLEASE! I agree with the next post. Anything for cheap publicity. Wade is Miami!

  22. Anonymous says:

    trade wade for gasol….


  24. Sanford Hall says:

    The write has no clue of what he writes about. Miami needs Wade help to win with Lebron.

  25. Wow dude whoever wrote this article has to be the stupidous person ever!!!!

  26. Honestly this guy needs to get fired for posting up stupdity

  27. lebron is good ! lebron choke up scared sometime to take the shot ! lets c he your hero gets a ring then u can talk until then talk until then wade is the man !

  28. Cynthiagonzalez says:

    thats not fair…LeBron James can do everything by him self ur just putting him up 2 fail…P.S   LeBron, Wade, and Bosh are the “BIG THREE” and Wade is doing great on the play off…dont hate, its just getting started…. #3Wade<3 from fan: FAME 

  29. Amygonzalez 10 says:

    As much as i <3 Lebron James thats not right to get rid of Wade like that…And i know everything is about making more money but if you get rid of Wade you will lose money and Wade,LeBron, and Bosh are the "3 Kings"…I have faith that the Wade,LeBron are going to take the team all  the way….and thats cuz they play really great with one another…lol…I <3 all the hates, than.x…..that gives him more fame=) from the 1 and only Amy  Gonzalez

  30. Chrisd7 says:

    Why trade him? hes a clutch player and he was the one that stayed with Miami for a long time… stupid article

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