Changes in MLB have increased the amount of no-hitters

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Matt Cain

The pitching performances, no-hitters & perfect games in MLB so far this season, as well as over the past six years, begs the question, “Why so many?” In light of Matt Cain’s stunning ‘perfect game’ performance on Wednesday night, it seems that more and more, the significance and ‘awe’ that we once had for such outstanding feats has been minimized.

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Matt Cain tips his cap to an appreciative S.F. crowd after throwing a perfect game on Wednesday which was the 14th no-hitter thrown in franchise history. Photo: Jeff Chiu – AP Images

Not to take anything away from Cain’s superb outing, which was indeed masterful, it just seems like 10-20 years ago it would have had more interest and  ‘shock’ appeal because it took place much less frequently.

Case in point…in the last 13 days we have witnessed three no-hitters. The last time that was done, albeit in 14 days, was 100 years ago!

So why are these events becoming more and more commonplace? One need only go back to the end of the steriod era as we know it; back all the way to the famous Mitchell Report. In fact, lets look at some numbers…

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