Money talks, tradition walks: The ever-changing landscape of college football

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The date was September 12, one calendar day after the most devastating moment in our nation’s history.

ESPN’s Michael Wilbon was the first to mention it on air, or at least the first person I heard do so.  Notre Dame had just joined the Atlantic Coast Conference; it was all any sports reporter could talk about.  During a commercial break, the cameras panned back to the studio.  Wilbon quipped to his partner Tony Kornheiser, “They just should just rename the conferences.  They shouldn’t even have geographic designations.  Just name them Cialis, Levitra.”

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Ingenious… or foreshadowing?  After all, big money has taken over everything else in sports.  Bowl games, race cars, entire arenas and of course every NBA uniform starting in 2013.  Upon overhearing Wilbon’s words, some marketing intern probably salivated, a light bulb beaming bright above his head.  In a matter of time, he’ll become CEO, recalling the day he barged frantically into his boss’ office like he had just discovered the cure for cancer.  I hope he gives Wilbon a percentage.  But I don’t blame Wilbon, or the intern for that matter.  The wheels for this were put in place long ago. Read more…

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