Moore on Cutler: I don’t think you can act like that

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Jay CutlerThe Bears got back to business on Monday by making a change on their offensive line and updating the status of running back Matt Forte, likely hoping that would get people looking forward to Week 3 instead of looking back to the loss to the Packers.

That might take another couple of days because while coach Lovie Smith was doing the housekeeping, cornerback D.J. Moore was talking about Cutler. And his comments didn’t do much to kill the notion that there is the potential for serious problems between the quarterback and his teammates in and out of the locker room. Moore first joked about how much coverage there’s been of Cutler yelling at left tackle J’Marcus Webb last Thursday, but then veered into a criticism of the quarterback’s sideline demeanor.

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“I don’t think you can act like that, though. To make it seem like it’s just my fault or what not, I think it’s just wrong, though honestly,” Moore said, via Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times. “I would feel a certain way if he did me like that, to make it seem like, ‘Well, the reason I’m having a bad game is because is what you’re doing and not about me taking accountability for myself because I’m throwing these type of passes and doing these type of reads.’ It’s a tough situation.” Read more…

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