NBA Bans Upside-Down Headbands?

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Rajon RondoThe NBA took another step in its dress code laws and has now banned upside-down headbands effective immediately.

It’s not like Rajon Rondo just started this trend as he has been wearing his headband upside down for years.

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Is it really that big of a deal to wear a headband where the NBA logo is displayed upside down? Can they now wear the headband backwards or inside out?

The NBA continues to take away from the game of basketball and the little odds and ends that make it such a fun league. While image may be everything for the NBA it is what draws kids to the league and continuing to do insane things like this make the league a bore and take away from the fun.

To see kids playing ball outside an upside-down headband is just a way to emulate their favorite player and increase the popularity.

Why does the NBA feel the need to do such absurd things? Thanks to the NBA Rajon Rondo is no longer wearing a head band and now sales will decrease, which the NBA seems to do a good job with since they are losing 400 million dollars a year.

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