NBA forgot to schedule Mavericks’ visit to White House

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Dallas-Mavericks-Honored-at-the-White-House_1With all the hustle and bustle of the season, shortened as it is, the NBA brass forgot, as it appears, to schedule the 2011 NBA Champions to visit the President at the White House this season. Well you know that didn’t set well with the Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban. Would it set well with you if you were the owner? Would it have mattered what team one? I’m sure it was just an oversight on the behalf of the NBA personnel in charge of the scheduling.

That’s ok; our owner knows how to get things done and did his own planning and it’s a good thing he did because our Dallas Mavericks are visiting Washington, DC today and paying a visit to the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

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We all know how much of a privilege this is for any champion of any sport to visit the President; and that’s probably the only time most of any of us would be able to visit him is under special circumstances; the bad side of this, there are a few people who helped to make this happen that are not on the visit today and I really feel they should be, but that’s the way it is anyway and I certainly hope those that did get to go, enjoyed it.

You could tell by the smiles on the faces of the guys that were there, that they enjoyed their visit; and as it appears, even though the President wanted Chicago Bull to win and picked Miami to win, he had a good time with the Mavericks players, coaches, owner and personnel that attended today.

Dirk seemed to have had a good time as he presented the President with an honorary jersey of the Dallas Mavericks team with the Presidents number (23) which was the number of his jersey when he was in school. As he stated, he had the number before Michael Jordan had it; and with that Dirk stated that Jordan stole the number from Obama.

The President also had a good time in talking with the team and poking fun at Jason Kidd for his age, thanking Mark and the staff for what they had done for Dallas and the sport of basketball as a whole and the best ribbing seemed to have come at Dirks expense about his rendition of singing “We Are The Champions”, but Dirk took it all in stride in knowing that it was all in fun.

There is not a person that has not seen nor heard Dirk sing that song that can’t say that he should not give up his other job, but he had soooo much fun doing that and it certainly was a pleasure to see him have fun and let loose; we all witnessed a different side of our MVP, and it was a pleasure to see.

Now, there was one player that was not on the trip to the White House, because evidently he was banned from being able to attend, and that was Delonte West. I realize that we all make some mistakes in our lives that we are not proud of and when you are a professional athlete, those mistakes get blown up times ten in the media and evidently his did. He did not deny about the weapons charges that he had in 2009 and I guess the Secret Service didn’t want him riding up to the White House with a guitar case full of guns trying to go all “Desparado” on everyone, and I’m sure he would not have done that. But what he did was taking it a little too far on his twittering.

Evidently he ranted a little on his Twitter page about the situation and a few other things that really should have been kept private, that is if you want to continue to play with this team or any team for that matter.

I thought that when Dallas signed West that there would be a question mark beside his name and was wondering how long it would take him to act out as he has done in the past, most famously the 2009 incident. But I felt that with Jason Kidd’s toolage and guidance that he might grow up; this is not the complete truth of what appears to be going on.

Mr. West appears to be complaining about not being able to have the President meet him, then because of the weapons charge, go from playing on a 60 plus win team to, well the Mavericks (NBA Champs), to making lots of money to league minimum and also because of his past, not being able to get approved on a credit or background check for an apartment and having to possibly be living out of his vehicle.

Well, Mr. West, when you make mistakes, you have to pay for those mistakes which I’m sure you have in some capacity; but we as fans would forgive some of those mistakes if you didn’t go all postal on your social pages and make yourself look a little like a dimwit. That’s the only way I can put it. This team has a history of being a respectful team and we don’t air our dirty laundry out there for everyone to see, hear and dissect.

I’m sure that the fans of Dallas would, and have accepted you for who you are and that is a part of the NBA champion team and want you to succeed along with the rest of the team. Yes, I would have been upset if it was me not being able to visit the President, but I would hope that I would have been a little bit more grown up about it and not put everything out there for everyone to see.

In other words, keep your displeasure in-house and let your teammates help you with your problems of this nature.

We all do wish Mr. West and the rest of the Mavericks a great season and I do hope that they are able to defend their championship with dignity and respect and hopefully repeat as Champs. Only time will tell.

So I bid you a good day and say good luck and let’s go Mavs!

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