What the NBA means to city of Seattle

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Seattle SuperSonicsThe great city of Seattle misses its Supersonics. Seattle, and the state of Washington itself is a great location for basketball. Everyone knows the stereotype that Seattle rains every day non stop. While this is not true, on winter days when the temperature is 40 degrees with hard rain coming down, no one wants to be outside. And if you’re an athlete and you want to be playing a sport, basketball is what you are going to be playing. Seattle loves basketball. And for 41 years they loved the Supersonics.

The Supersonics won a Championship for Seattle, the only professional team to do so except the 1917 Hockey team the Seattle Metropolitans, which no one remembers or cares about. The team was also very dominating during the 1990’s during the Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton era. They were one of the biggest powerhouses in the Western Conference. Before the Seahawks ever made their Super Bowl run and before the Mariners ever won their 116 games the Sonics were winning games and making it to the Western Conference Finals many times. Before Shawn Alexander and Marshawn Lynch and before Ichiro and Felix Hernandez there were Gary Payton and Nate McMillian. Seattle adores it MLB and NFL franchises but there is a great sadness in Seattle without the Sonics.

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The whole issue with the Sonics leaving Seattle was a quagmire. During the time it was happening, it seemed as if Seattle was blindsided and the Sonics were stolen by Clay Bennent, with Howard Stern just nodding his head in approval. Sonic fans were screwed over in every possible way, even down to a shared history pact with OKC that meant they got all of the Sonics retired jerseys, records, and even the championship trophy. The cold, wet winters in Seattle now are filled with a hole that cannot be filled without an NBA team back in Seattle.

One of the biggest reasons the Sonics had to leave was because Key Arena is not a viable NBA stadium anymore. It can seat around 17 thousand for a basketball game when the average NBA stadium can hold around 25 to 30 thousand. It was made clear by Howard Stern that the NBA would not return to Seattle without a new arena. For the first time since the Sonics left it finally seems possible. Christopher Hansen has made a proposal to Seattle to put up 300 million dollars for a new 500 million dollar arena. The rest of the payment for the arena would come from taxing tickets and merchandise once the stadium opened. If this plan goes through and Seattle gets its arena the NBA coming to Seattle is extremely likely. The only problem with getting a new team would be that Seattle would have to do to another city what happened to it when they lost the Sonics. And no Sonics fan wants to have to put another cities fan through that kind of pain.

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3 Responses to What the NBA means to city of Seattle

  1. jc0113 says:

    “with Howard Stern just nodding his head in approval”. I don’t think the King of all Media cared much about the Sonics. That prick David Stern on the other hand…

  2. Puso Was James3 says:

    I can sympathize with the folks from Seattle, I’m from Jersey and am being made to watch my Nets get taken away from me. Granted, as people might say, they’re only going to Brooklyn, it’s not that far. But I get no consolation from this, they are leaving, keeping their name the nets, and moving to the farthest of the five boroughs from my home of New Jersey. They were our team, and their leaving us, it’s not fair dammit!! The worst part is that they still have to fain care for New Jersey even if they’re going in a matter of months, weeks even. Bruce Ratner just makes me sick all up on his forbes interview saying “our vision is for this to be a regional team like the Giants and the Jets” even though they’re not just moving to Manhattan, or even the Bronx, but Brooklyn which as I said is the farthest of the 5 boroughs from Jersey. On top of that, calling themselves the Brooklyn Nets isolates them to representing a small part of New York that we’re not really truly even metropolitan to. He lies, the bastard. I almost feel wrong in saying that we’ll likely have a team before Seattle, even though the fanbase here is collapsing.    

  3. Victor says:

    Author here. Sorry about the Howard Stern thing. Obviously meant David Stern. I had a bit of a brain cramp.

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