NBA money The NBA sells out

I don’t consider myself a purist, even though I am getting a little long in the tooth.

As a sports fan through and through, I’m all for advancements that make our games more enjoyable, whether it’s expanding instant replay, ensuring the health of our players or making each sport more accessible to its fan base, as long as these changes take place within the context of the game.

I’m also aware that professional sports are BIG business.  Billionaires don’t buy teams for their health.   Owners look to turn a profit just as much as they do to win ballgames.

Exploring alternative revenue streams is a vital part of any successful business.  So when Commissioner Stern announced the NBA would be doing exactly that, fans took notice.

Team owners have long discussed placing advertisements on uniforms, understanding that it breaks tradition, but salivating over the extra hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue it would contribute to their coffers.

What’s been proposed are small, uniform patches that advertisers must be lining up to bid on.  This team is brought to you by Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, you name it.  Place your logo here and reap the benefits. Read more here…