NBA Supreme Court: Michael Jordan Drops 63 on the Celtics

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Michael JordanIf you’re a fan of the NBA then at some time or another you’ve probably heard that Michael Jordan once scored 63 points in a playoff game against the Boston Celtics.  In fact, his 1986 double overtime effort still stands today as the most points ever scored in an NBA playoff game.  What you probably didn’t know was that Jordan foretold his stellar performance to several Celtics players the night before.

In 1986 Michael Jordan had began taking up golf.  In the early stages of the Chicago Bulls first round matchup with the Celtics the opportunity to play a round of golf between games presented itself.  The players were Danny Ainge of the Boston Celtics, Michael Jordan , and a couple of reporters;  Mike Carey from the Boston Herald and Mark Vancil from the Chicago Sun-times.

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According to Ainge , Jordan liked to talk trash on the NBA hardwood as well as the golf course and on this outing things would be no different.  Jordan would talk but with his golf game still in its infancy, he wasn’t able to back up his talk with his play.  Ainge beat Jordan and this infuriated the competitive Bulls Guard.

As Jordan was dropped off at his hotel following his defeat on the golf course he left Ainge with a message to pass on to one of his teammates.  “Tell your man D.J. I got something for him tomorrow.”  Jordan was referring to his Game 2 matchup up with the Celtics Dennis Johnson, more commonly known as D.J.  Johnson was the Celtics defensive specialist and would have the primary responsibility of guarding Jordan for the remainder of the series.

Jordan went out and had the best game of his young NBA career torching the Celtics for 63 points while putting the majority of the Boston players in foul trouble as they attempted to slow him.  The Celtics would win the game in double overtime 135-131, but Jordan had won the war of words.  What he lacked in golf IQ, he more than made up for on the basketball court and made it a point to prove it in Game two.

The Celtics would go on to win the series and the NBA finals but an invaluable lesson was learned.  Don’t beat or piss off Michael Jordan when it comes to anything.

Jordan went on to win six NBA titles.  Twice as many as his Celtic foes of the 80’s.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    yet the celtics won a championship that year. NICE!

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