NFC teams that will struggle the most in 2012

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Kevin Kolb Injures His Chest Against the Saints

Succeeding in the NFL is difficult: It takes the right combination of talent and effort, as well as a little bit of luck. It’s relatively easy to pick the teams that are going to find success in the conference. Teams like the 49ers and Packers are a lock to win ten or more games and make the playoffs, but for other teams in the NFC the mountain is going to be a much more difficult one to climb. These are three of those teams.

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Arizona Cardinals

In this year’s Hall of Fame Game against the New Orleans Saints, the Cardinals trotted out Kevin Kolb. He promptly threw an interception, completed one pass and went down with a chest injury. In their next preseason game, this time against the Chiefs, Kolb and John Skelton combined to complete four out of eleven passes with one interception.

This quarterback issue has been Arizona’s problem ever since Kurt Warner retired, and the team just has not found a way to properly address it. The trade of Kevin Kolb might have provided some relief, but Kolb has largely failed to impress. Skelton is serviceable as a backup, but he doesn’t look like a starting quarterback.

Combine this with a lack of depth – the offense has little to offer besides Larry Fitzgerald and Beanie Wells – and it’s easy to see why Arizona is going to struggle. Ken Whisenhunt is a fine coach. The proper pieces just aren’t in place to be able to execute any sort of game plan. Read more here…

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