NFL Power Rankings Week 4: Dirty Birds rise to the top

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Michael TurnerWeek 3 was all about the NFC West and of course, the replacement refs. While the refs played an important role in determining the outcomes of several games, mostly in a negative manner, we tried to take that element out and simply go with what we feel should have happened and what we expect to happen in the future. Hopefully that entails the real referees taking the field shortly.

1. Atlanta Falcons (3-0)↑3

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Other than the fact that Michael Turner, who did have a good game on Sunday (14-80-1), is on the Falcons they have some of the best playmakers in the league at their respective positions; Matt Ryan is smart enough to know how to utilize each one.

2. Houston Texans (3-0)↑2

The second of just two undefeated teams, the Texans have a great defense and several key players on offense. Matt Schaub won’t throw four touchdowns often, but when he does it’s time to take notice.

3. San Francisco 49ers (2-1)↓1

It was a rough week for the consensus number one team in the league; their defense looked tired; Alex Smith threw his first interception since Thanksgiving; Frank Gore lost the football; overall they just didn’t seem like the team everyone pronounced as “the best in football.” Let’s see if they bounce back against the Jets in week 4.

4. Baltimore Ravens (2-1)↑1

No matter what your feelings are on the game-winning field goal, this team is good and if Joe Flacco continues to play well they will be great. Read more…

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