NFL Week 6 Power Rankings: Jaguars stinkin’ up the place

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NFL Power RankingsIs there a team worse than the Jacksonville Jaguars? The Blaine Gabbert experiment could be coming to an abrupt end.
32. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4) ,Last Week: 30
Some things we learned after last week’s games: Robert Griffin III is a really good quarterback, the Philadelphia Eagles have all sorts of problems, the Green Bay Packers are as good as we thought they were, the Kansas City Chiefs may finish 2012 with the NFL’s worst record, the Cleveland Browns are better than their 1-5 record may indicate, the Denver Broncos are in the beginning of a turnaround, and the San Diego Chargers and Buffalo Bills may be the most overrated 3-3 teams in the NFL.

31. Kansas City Chiefs (1-5), Last Week: 27: A franchise in need of a huge makeover

30. Cleveland Browns (1-5), Last Week: 32: What a birthday for quarterback Brandon Weeden on Sunday

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29. Oakland Raiders (1-4), Last Week: 29: Should’ve beaten the Falcons in Atlanta…even when the Raiders play their best, they still find a way to lose

28. New Orleans Saints (1-4), Last Week: 28: Possibly the team to look out for from now on out

27. Carolina Panthers (1-4), Last Week: 26: Can Cam Newton and the Panthers live up to there Super Bowl preseason predictions?

26. Tennessee Titans (2-4), Last Week: 31: Big win Thursday Night against the Steelers

25. Buffalo Bills (3-3), Last Week: 25: The Bills will not go far with Ryan Fitzpatrick quarterbacking the team

24. San Diego Chargers (3-3), Last Week: 16: Monday Night showed this team can’t beat the contenders

23. Indianapolis Colts (2-3), Last Week: 18: Big difference between Week Five and Week Six

22. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-3),Last Week: 12: The Steelers are rapidly declining in front of our very own eyes

21. Dallas Cowboys (2-3), Last Week: 17: Jason Garrett’s coaching mistakes have costed the Cowboys dearly

20. Detroit Lions (2-3), Last Week: 24: Great way to bounce back in Philadelphia Read more…

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