Nick Saban scowl Once again, Nick Saban tells it like it isThis is hard for me to say considering I’m a Gator alum but Nick Saban is, without a doubt, the man.  This is a guy who has won three national championships at two different schools.  This is a man whose Alabama team embarrassed a defending national championship Florida team in the 2009 SEC Championship Game, making Tim Tebow cry in the process.  This is a man who, despite the rigors of coaching college football at its highest level, still looks pretty damn good for being sixty years of age.  And most importantly, this is a man who demands our respect, although he probably couldn’t care less whether he has it or not.

In a recent press conference, the cool, collected Saban combined one part Mike Gundy, one part Herm Edwards and three parts Yoda to put basically every journalist in the room in their place, killing them with kindness but killing them nonetheless.

After Alabama’s beat down of previously number four ranked Michigan, every analyst from here to Tuscaloosa was ready to award Alabama another national championship, but as Saban promptly reminded everybody, that’s simply not how it works.  There are games to be played, practices to be held, routes to be perfected and most importantly, expectations not to be exploded.

Let’s listen in…