Manti Teo 300x179 Notre Dame, luck of the Irish?Brian Kelly insists his Notre Dame team isn’t undefeated because it’s lucky, but being lucky certainly hasn’t hurt the Irish.

An uncalled penalty against the Irish during a potential game-winning Pittsburgh field goal is luck, no matter what Kelly states.

Notre Dame had two players on the field with the same number at the same time.

According to The Chicago Tribune, Both Bennett Jackson and Chris Brown were on the unit attempting to block Kevin Harper’s 33-yard field goal in the second overtime, and both wear jersey No. 2. Rules allow for duplicate numbers on a roster, so long as those players do not appear on the field together.

“No exception to it, it was a coaching mistake,” Kelly said during his Sunday teleconference. “We had out our ‘Desperado’ team out there, and Chris Brown was part of ‘Desperado.’ We have to do a better job. An oversight that can’t happen.”

The Irish weren’t good against Pittsburgh, they were lucky. Lucky to still be in the position they are in.

The Irish have played five games at home and won all five by only a combined 23 points. The historic South Bend that leaves such a daunting task ahead of the opposition has been pushed aside.

Notre Dame hasn’t reached 9-0 without a little bit of luck and as the potential game-winning kick sailed just outside that pole it was all the luck the Irish needed, for now.