Ochocinco interested in the Dolphins, are they?

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Chad Ochocinco

At a time when it’s believed by many that no high-profile players want to play for the Dolphins, a high-profile player in whom no one else apparently is interested reportedly wants to reverse that trend.
Jason La Canfora of CBSSports.com reports that Chad Ochocinco wants to play for pro football team headquartered in his hometown of Miami.  Though the report would likely be accurate if the name of any NFL team were inserted in the title, it makes sense for Ochocinco to want to play for the Dolphins.
It actually could make sense for the Dolphins to want him.
As pointed out in our initial look at teams that could be linked to Ochocinco, the current status of the Dolphins’ depth chart suggests that Ochocinco would be an upgrade.  The question is whether the Dolphins want to embrace the distractions that go with having Chad in the fold. Read more here…
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