An ode to Kevin Garnett

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Kevin GarnettI’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, to pay tribute to Kevin Garnett, in-arguably one of the best players of his generation.Let’s say you had to describe Kevin Garnett to someone who had never before watched a basketball game, yet laid eyes on him for the first time.  What words would you use?  Would frightening be one of them?  Intense?  Driven?  One-of-a-kind?  All of those would be appropriate since after all, Garnett helped redefine the modern game in a number of ways.  He was one of the first of this generation to come straight out of high school, make an impact, in a small market and warrant big money, Garnett money. Was he a center?  Certainly not.  At 6’11”, he was tall enough but he couldn’t have weighed more than a buck-eighty five.  Was he a power forward?  Again, too frail.  Was he a small forward?  Nah, too tall.  So what was he, other than a freak of nature? Read more here…

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