An ode to (Potentially) the best Fantasy Football team

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“My team is so baller, there’s no way I don’t win the Championship”

– Me, after every single fantasy football draft.

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Despite my emphatic proclamation that I have the best team in fantasy football every year, they still have to play the games and that’s usually where it all goes downhill for yours truly.

Whether I get screwed over by the injury bug (Jamaal Charles AND Run DMC last year, BS), bent over because I picked with my heart (damn you Frank Gore, every freaking year), or get completely boned because your team was good enough to win in the Championship game, but your opponent is the Atlanta Falcons and they are playing the Tampa Bay “I Quit On My Coach Week 4 and I Like to See Lance Suffer” Buccaneers.  (F U Morgan Eugene Lawler).

And despite in the next sentence when I completely jinx myself in the League of Extraordinary Buttholes, NOT THIS YEAR!  This IS the year for “I’ve got VD and Crabs” to take supremacy in the LOEB.  This isn’t just me being a complete homersexual for my team, I’ve got reasons behind my continued (over)confidence.

16 men — nay — 16 soldiers, that will take the field for the next 17 weeks and do battle for my bragging rights and a small sum of straight cash homie. Read more…

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