Packers coach honest about A.J. Hawk’s lack of production

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Green Bay Packers

Although Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk got a lot of criticism as the team’s defense struggled last year, his position coach says he had a good season — sort of.

Packers inside linebackers coach Winston Moss says that play in and play out, Hawk was fine in 2011. But he also acknowledges that teams need players to step up and make big plays, and Hawk didn’t do that often enough.

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“His year was just quiet,” Moss said. “When he got in, there wasn’t a lot of tackle production and there weren’t interceptions so you look at his stat line and you say, ‘Well, what the hell did he do last year?’ A.J. is not a problem. A.J. is not an issue. A.J. didn’t play poorly last year. He just didn’t make those impact plays. I’m fine with what A.J. is doing. But on the flipside of that, you want your guys being impactful and making plays. He didn’t do it last year and I’m sure he’s not satisfied. He’s going to respond accordingly.”

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3 Responses to Packers coach honest about A.J. Hawk’s lack of production

  1. Wayne Zeman says:

    Hawk is really a piece of work. Moss can’t be
    Much better, “he was quite last year” geez. March of 2011 hawk signed a new contract; his signing bonus was 8 million! Just to resign with the Packers. Then he got 1.8 million for a roster bonus, his salary was also 1.1 million. Do the math, Hawk got 10.95 million last season. Yeah.. And we get, “well he was quite last year” he’s one of the highest paid LB’s in the league. And is not even close to being one of the best. Probably one of the biggest draft busts in GB history. We cried all last year because they let Jenkins walk. Ya think some of Hawk’s money could have kept Jenkins? Maybe we would have had a defensive line last year. Maybe the team wouldn’t have had to bank on the offense to score 35 points a game. Hawk has had 5 years to produce, he hasn’t . He needs to go! But this year he’s set to make another 5 million. Mediocrity pays well in Green Bay.

  2. Kimberly K. Wilson says:

    Hawk is a part time player on a Super Bowl team. He is great 3 yards to the right – 3 yards to the left and straight forward. He could not cover most OT’s in the league let alone a back or receiver. He will be lucky if he makes this roster take that to the bank.

  3. Dave says:

    The coach said it all. Hawk is not an impact player…and that’s really a stinging indictment. ALL starters are supposed to be impact players to some extent. He’s not.

    With Clay Matthews rushing the passer on every down (does he do anything else?), the Packers could be vulnerable to the run.

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