Packers robbed by the Seahawks, not the refs

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Replacement RefsBy now I am sure have seen or at least heard about how the game ended last night between the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers.  It is not even debatable at this point.  The ball was heaved up in the air, and M.D. Jennings  clearly made the interception.  Yes Golden Tate got his hands on the ball, but to rule it as simultaneous possession is garbage.  This call was and is still clear as to how it should have been ruled.  So I am not going to beat that dead horse.

What I do want to address is the issue of saying that the replacement officials cost the Packers the game.  I understand how important this play was in the game.  Just like all the other games that have had blown calls, the plays are important.  I would like to shift the focus instead to the rest of the game though.  This was a hard fought game, where quite honestly the Seahawks whipped the Packers for the whole first half.  Obviously the Packers rebounded and played better in the second half, but how can they say the refs cost them the game?  After watching the game, I didn’t see the refs account for a single one of the 8 times Aaron Rodgers was sacked in the first half.  Was it their fault that Golden Tate scorched Tramon Williams for a first half touchdown?  Was it the officials fault that the mighty packers offense was held to 12 points?  Who’s fault is it that the Seahawks were able to move the ball into range for the game-ending throw? Read more…

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