ParkWhiz guarantees your parking spot at the ballpark

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ParkWhizImagine you just spent hundreds of dollars on tickets to see your beloved New York Yankees take on the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium.

The excitement is in the air and both you and your friends are pumped for the game, but there are no parking spots available.

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A new platform function as a reservation system for parking lots named ParkWhiz looks to change that. The Chicago-based company allows venues and third-party lots to post spaces online for event ticket-holders to purchase.

In fact, it’s recently expanded to now serve 19 Major League Baseball ballparks just in time for the 2012 season. And it plans to extend its baseball reach further.

The best part about ParkWhiz is that it’s simple to use.

Find your spot: When you find parking that meets your needs, you can reserve it immediately at the specified price. Click the  reserve now button. Your parking is guaranteed and there are no extra fees or surcharges when you park.

Print your pass: After you successfully purchase your parking space, you’ll instantly receive a parking pass for you to print at your convenience. Select locations offer the option of using an e-ticket on your smartphone instead of printing.

Park: When you arrive to park your car, present your ParkWhiz parking pass to the parking attendant who will show you to your parking spot. Your reserved spot is already paid for and waiting for you, so just park and be on your way! Check out ParkWhiz today.

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One Response to ParkWhiz guarantees your parking spot at the ballpark

  1. Callnrick says:

    Yea? Wonder what my chances are for a spot at a new Vikings stadium. If there are is a Vikings team left without one.

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