Penn State Football 300x199 Time for change: Penn State football needs makeover, new colorsThe new head coach of Penn State University, Bill O’Brien has his work cut out for him as he tries to replace legendary figure Joe Paterno.

Despite allegations surrounding the later part of his career, the man was a college football God.

The first head coaching change in nearly a decade and removal of Joe Paterno’s statue is complete. Now the University must find a way to put things behind. In order to move past the horrendous actions of Jerry Sandusky and the black cloud it has created for Penn State, they need more.

Hiring someone outside of the Penn State circle, as they did in Bill O’Brien was a shock. It wasn’t a former player, coach or anyone who had any ties with Penn State.

The decision has had its detractors, including Lavar Arrington who has stated he will be putting his Penn St. items in storage.

While many may want to condemn the University for the hire, it was the right choice. Someone who can help them move forward.

Another item that would help them move forward is by changing the team colors and possibly the team logo.

Yes, it is a legendary school, but change is what the school needs and there is no debating it.

Just looking at the logo and the colors you flash back to Joe Paterno and the awful and creepy Jerry Sandusky. It is a constant remembrance of a horrible cover up that hurt numerous children, and now adults, that have lived with these secrets.

The NCAA has already acted and taken away wins from 1998-2011, what’s left?

Unfortunately Penn State will always be remembered for this one fiasco and changing colors and possibly a logo would be the first step to starting something new and moving forward.