Peyton Manning looks sharp in practice for Broncos

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Peyton Manning Broncos

Peyton Manning is the only four-time MVP in NFL history, he’s hoisted a Super Bowl trophy and hosted “Saturday Night Live.”
Yet, he’s never faced scrutiny quite like this.
“I’ve never had to comment before on incompletions in practice, so this is new to me,” the Denver Broncos quarterback said with a chuckle when peppered with questions about some errant deep throws Monday.
“I will say that when you are throwing deep balls, the idea is to take your shot. It’s not the highest percentage play but we’re going to keep throwing them,” Manning said. “As they always say, in a game if you throw five deep balls and you complete one of them, that’s actually a great thing. I mean, you’re taking a shot and trying to send a message to the defense to hopefully back them off.”
Coach John Fox also had some fun with the media’s steely-eyed focus on the Manning’s timing with his receivers on deeper routes.
“You guys obviously pay a little more attention to that than I do, but I think our passing game is way further along than it was this time a year ago, obviously, because we weren’t even here,” Fox said. “Again, we’re not keeping stats now, we’re just installing and getting guys a comfort level.” Read more here…
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One Response to Peyton Manning looks sharp in practice for Broncos

  1. hardcoresouthstandsfan says:

    WAYYYYY further ahead of last year!
    the grounds keepers are not having to fix several dozen divits per day.
    by a q.b. that actually knows how to read a playbook instead of a bible.

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