7 players to avoid in Fantasy Basketball

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We have given you this year’s sleepers and breakout candidates and now we have listed seven potential busts that you should avoid drafting in place of other options. It’s not that they won’t perform well at all, it’s that they more than likely won’t perform well enough! Here are our seven players to be mindful of…

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Channing Frye-F-Suns- Last season Frye’s numbers dropped off in points, rebounds, and threes and we don’t think now that Steve Nash has bolted for the Lakers that the going will get any easier for the 7 footer.  Goran Dragic is a solid PG but admittedly he’s no Nash. (Not many are..) The Suns picked up Louis Scola in the off-season and he will cut into Frye’s minutes which won’t help his numbers either.

Jose Calderon-G-Raptors- Don’t be swayed by his assist totals (8.8) or his points (10.5) from last season as the 31 year old entering his sixth season with Toronto will move to a back-up role as newly acquired Kyle Lowry will be taking over as the starting PG. His minutes will take a hit plummeting from 34 last year down to around 25. Calderon won’t get you many threes or steals so you’re left pretty much with 7-8 points and assists per game. He is someone that can still be serviceable in later rounds and in deeper leagues but expect a significant drop-off for this guard who is also a defensive liability.

DeJuan Blair-C/F-Spurs- The main reason that we think Blair should be avoided at all costs will be his lack of playing time. Once again you shouldn’t expect much more than around 20 minutes a game for the small defender who will play more when the match-ups are more favorable. You can probably see close to 9 points and 6 boards for the fourth year player out of Pittsburgh and when you couple those numbers with his poor FT% and  virtually no blocks, there is no reason to draft him. He could be of use in deeper leagues almost like a streamer in baseball and only when he goes up against an opponent friendly player; more towards his size. Read more…

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  1. SB says:

    Should we avoid Channing Frye because Nash won’t be there to spoon feed him or because he’s actually not playing this year?

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