T.O. is back, get your popcorn ready

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20120807-165549.jpgTerrell Owens aka T.O., is one of the most dominant wide receivers to play the game.

Marred with controversy everywhere he plays, T.O. has consistently been a threat on the field.

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At age 38 T.O. signed with the Seattle Seahawks, it marks his return to the NFL after a year absence.

After injuring his knee with his last team Cincinnati, T.O. couldn’t find an NFL team.

Was it because he was too old or was it because of his reputation of being a locker room distraction?

Clearly, it was the locker room distraction. T.O. should never be questioned for his work ethic.

At age 38 he ran a 4.45 40 yard dash. That’s faster than some WR’s who were drafted this year. Read more here…

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