Power shift in Los Angeles?

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Chris PaulA few weeks ago it seemed like business as usual in the NBA. For the Los Angeles Lakers business was about to become very interesting. Chris Paul was all but announced as the new Lakers point guard until David Stern blocked the trade that would have had Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol in different uniforms for the upcoming season. It is to be assumed that the Lakers would not have ended with Paul, but that they would have more than likely landed Dwight Howard as well-in exchange for Andrew Bynum. Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, and Dwight Howard would have been on the same team.

Imagine that for a minute. The NBA’s best center, best point guard, and best overall player on the same team. By the way, Chris Paul and Dwight Howard are in their prime. This Big 3 would have made Miami’s Big 3 look like a JV squad. The Lakers would have once again been the toast of LA and would be heads on favorite to take it all for the next several years. However, due to Basketball Reasons, (which is just a nice way of covering for small market owners who are jealous of big market dominance) this move never happened. Instead Chris Paul finds himself in a Clipper uniform paired up with a rising superstar in Blake Griffin.

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It’s obvious who the losers are in this one. The Lakers, which are used to dictating what they want and usually getting it, à la Kareem, Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Kobe, and Shaq, now find themselves as the afterthought in LA. At least for the time being. Then if that wasn’t enough, they traded away the Sixth Man of the Year Lamar Odom for basically nothing. So now the Lakers seem to be on the downward slide in the eyes of many while the Clippers are on the rise.

How soon we forget about the aforementioned Kobe Bryant. The Black Mamba is still the best closer of the game. Don’t be surprised if he drops 60 against the Bulls on Christmas Day just to prove a point. That point is simple. LA is still a Laker town. It doesn’t matter who the tenants of the Staples Center have on their roster. The Clippers made great moves to make their team better no doubt about it. However, it seems like the Clippers are getting the same type of hype the Miami Heat got after signing LeBron James and Chris Bosh along with Dwayne Wade signing an extension during the summer of 2010. Are the Clippers the West Coast version of the Heat? We’ll have to wait and see. However with the hype, it seems people forget about the rich history of the Lakers. In their 60 plus years as an organization, the Lakers have only had five losing seasons. Since their start in 1970, the Clippers made the playoffs 7 times. Things will seem to change over the coming years for the Clippers but the proof is there. Bottom line is this; the Clippers are nothing more than paper champions until they start putting up championship banners at Staples Center. Clipper fans and new found fans alike need to understand this. The last count of championship banners was Lakers 16, Clippers 0. So is there a power shift in LA? It seems to be that way on paper. But paper doesn’t win championships. Playing basketball does.

Terrance Shumake is an NBA team writer for Shatter The Backboard and can be contacted at TShumake@TheSportsBlitz.com

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