Randy Moss the top receiver for the 49ers?

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Randy Moss

49ers coach Jim Harbaugh may think that Michael Crabtree has the best hands Harbaugh has ever seen, but when the rest of the package is considered another receiver lands higher than Crabtree on the team’s current pecking order.

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Rich Gannon of Sirius XM NFL Radio says that Harbaugh claims Moss is the team’s “best receiver right now,” according to Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News.

And I’m not sufficiently diabolical to doubt Harbaugh’s honesty on that point.

Gannon also shared a communication Harbaugh had with Moss, before Moss became a member of the 49ers in March.

“At the end of the meeting, Randy turned to Jim Harbaugh and said, ‘Coach, what do you want me to do, what can I do for you?’” Gannon said.  “And Jim looked at him and said, ‘For starters I’d like you to sit in the front row of my meetings.’

“He said by doing that it’s brought guys like Crabtree, who’d hang out in the back, and some of these other young guys, now they’re sitting up front with Randy Moss.  They don’t have the hoodies on anymore.  They’re alert.  They’re paying attention.  Randy’s taking notes.  Every meeting that coach has had, Randy Moss has been sitting in the front row.” Read more here…

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