Trent Richardson 300x200 Ravens say Richardson hardest back to tackle in the NFL

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The Ravens are preparing to meet the Browns and running back Trent Richardson on Sunday for the second time, and they haven’t forgotten the first time.

Several players on the Ravens’ defense have said this week that when Richardson had 47 rushing yards and 57 receiving yards against them in Week Four, he left an impression that they’re still thinking about five weeks later.

I think he runs the ball harder than anybody in the league,” defensive end Pernell McPhee said. “Not saying he’s the best back in the league, but I’ll say he’s the hardest back in the NFL to tackle.”

Ravens nose tackle Terrence Cody outweighs Richardson by more than 100 pounds, but Cody said he doesn’t think he — or anyone else — can take Richardson down one-on-one.

“He doesn’t go down with one person tackling him,” Cody said. “We’re going to need multiple guys around the ball every time he touches the ball.”  Read more…