Ray Lewis: Baltimore Ravens player profile

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Ray Lewis

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Ray Lewis the middle linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens defense. The name Ray Lewis has struck fear in opposing offense’s for the last 17 years. He is undoubtedly a first ballot Hall of Famer. While technically his career isn’t over, his latest injury may end his career. A torn triceps muscle is something that can be recovered from, but the fact that Ray is in his 17th year it may be a career ending injury for many reasons. One reason is that Ray Lewis will be 39 next year and no matter how much he wants to continue, you wonder how much more his body can take. Another reason is his teammate Ed reed may retire this year and Ray might not want to go another year with Ed playing behind him in the secondary. The last reason and the most important I think is that he wants to watch his son play college ball. His son who is committed to the University of Miami will start playing next year and the pull of watching his son play might be enough to pull him away from the game. It’s hard to imagine an NFL without Ray Lewis, but it may be time to realize that it could become a reality quicker than we would like. If he does retire at the end of this year then we know that we have seen without question the greatest defensive player to ever play the game. His dominance of his position and knowledge of the game is unmatched by any defensive player you can think of. His leadership is what stands out the most, a leader of men is the definition of Ray Lewis. Read More…

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