Reality check needed: Kyrie Irving the next LeBron James?

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kyrie-irving-and-tristan-thompsonThe Cleveland Cavaliers may have another LeBron James in the making as Kyrie Irving may be a little full of himself as NBA2K released a statement on Facebook stating that Kyrie Irving thinks he should be rated 99’s across the board on NBA2K12 video game.

While there is no comparison to the style of play, there are a few comparisons that leave us scratching our heads and believing that both may be full of themselves.

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Both Kyrie Irving and LeBron James were taken first overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers and both will look to revive the franchise.

LeBron self entitled himself as “The King” and Kyrie thinks that after eight games in college that he should have a “99” rating entering the NBA, but “The King” was missing during the 2011 NBA Finals and Kyrie’s actual rating should be “99” upside down.

Let’s not also forget that LeBron James took his talents to South Beach and announced it on ESPN, the same way Kyrie Irving announced that he would attend the University of Duke on ESPNU.

It’s hard to imagine a player with more hype than Kyrie Irving, especially only playing eight regular season games, but his predecessor LeBron James he didn’t play one college basketball game and was the most hyped athlete we have ever seen.

The NBA Draft is always filled with uncertainties and while it may be hard to find any imperfections in Kyrie’s game there is no telling how one makes the next step to the NBA but being a pompous ass usually helps.

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