Rejected: Top 5 NBA shot blockers of all time

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David RobinsonA shot block can be an exciting play in any NBA game, it alters, shifts and changes the dynamics of it. It revives a player yet deflates a player all in the same play.

Wikipedia defines a “block” as…

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In basketball, a block (short for blocked shot), not to be confused with blocking, occurs when a defensive player legally deflects a field goal attempt from an offensive player. The defender must not touch the offensive player’s hands or otherwise a foul is called. In order to be legal, the block must occur while the shot is traveling upward or at its apex. If it is heading downward when the defender hits it, it is ruled as goaltending and counts as a made basket. Goaltending is also called if the block is made after the ball bounces on the backboard (NFHS excepted; the NCAA also used this rule until the 2009–10 season). Nicknames for blocked shots include “rejections,” “stuffs,” “facials,” “swats,” “denials,” and “packs.” Blocked shots were first officially recorded in the NBA during the 1973-74 season.

Most lead shot blockers tend to be Centers or Power Forwards due to their height and how close they are to the basket. However guards tend to be good at this as well if they have the athleticsm and timing. Guards like Dwayne Wade, the shortest player, at 6’4″, to record 100 blocked shots in a single season.

With that being said lets look at some of the best shot blockers of all time…

5. David Robinson- The Admiral was a big man who could do it all, including block shots on a consistent basis. Robinson averaged 2.99 blocks per game over his career in the NBA. Robinson was a great help side defender who erased a lot of mistakes made by his teammates on the defensive end. Read more here…

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