Richardson may need to sit for Browns

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Trent Richardson 300x225 Richardson may need to sit for BrownsAfter Sunday’s loss to the Colts, Browns coach Pat Shurmur said he pulled rookie running back Trent Richardson not because Richardson was injured, but because he was ineffective. But Richardson says the whole reason he’s ineffective is that he’s injured.

We noted a week ago that Richardson’s rib injury is very painful, and Richardson acknowledged after the loss to the Colts that the pain is affecting his play.

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“The injury I have is much bigger than what folks think it is, and I don’t want to do anything to hurt the team,” Richardson said. “I’m not myself out there right now. You look at me, I guess I’m not running hard like I’m used to, so I’m not out there right now. So it is worse than what people think it is.”

Richardson was limited to eight yards on eight carries, and afterward he expressed disappointment that he couldn’t do more to help his team.

“I always feel I’m ready to play no matter what, and I always want to be out there for my team and stick it out no matter what,” Richardson said. “I didn’t call the shot. They just told me to stay ready and keep my legs warm. Obviously, I didn’t get back in the game.”

It would be wise for the Browns not to put Richardson in another game until his ribs have healed. Read more…

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