Glen Johnson Road Warrior Glen Johnson retiresGlen Johnson (51-17-2, 35 KOs) ended his career by losing a decisive ten-round decision to Polish light heavyweight, Andrzej Fonfara (22-2, 12 KOs) on ESPN2′s Friday Night Fights from Chicago’s UIC Pavillion.

In an exclusive interview with Sam Geraci of The Sports Blitz Network, Johnson announced his retirement.

SG: What did you think?

Glenn Johnson: Fonfara is better.

SG: Better tonight?

Glen Johnson: Better because tonight is my last night.

SG: Congrats and thank you for the last fifteen years. What was missing tonight?

Glen Johnson: I needed to be more steady and apply more pressure and I couldn’t. He’s a strong kid and I just couldn’t do it. If I can’t do it the right way and the way I should be able to I’m not going to do it anymore.

SG: How good is this kid Fonfara?

Glen Johnson: He’s pretty good and he can hit and take a punch. He could use a little work on defense but I think he’s good.

SG: Can he fight the top guys at 168?

Glen Johnson: I like to think that I only lose to the best fighters out there. And, unless I’ve fallen that much, I think he’s pretty good.

SG: Again, thank you for all of the memories and for the last fifteen years. Future hall of famer Glen Johnson for all of the right reasons.

Johnson is a native of Claredon, Jamaica. Nicknamed “”The Road Warrior,” Johnson has fought in nine foreign countries and has competed in fourteen U.S. States over the course of his career.