Runningback backups you should have on your Fantasy roster

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One need only look at the injury riddled year it was for running backs in 2011 to see how handcuffing a backup could save your season. Just look at the names of some of the backs that suffered an injury which in most cases required surgery:

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Jamaal Charles-Chiefs- Torn left ACL

Adrian Peterson-Vikings- Torn left ACL; Meniscus Damage

Rashard Mendenhall-Steelers- Torn right ACL

Jahvid Best-Lions- Multiple concussions (missed 10 games in 2011)

Beanie Wells-Cardinals- Right knee surgery

Knowshon Moreno-Broncos- Torn right ACL

Mark Ingram-Saints- Turf toe; Knee injury (played in only 10 games in 2011)

Consider this; how many times does a QB get hit or sacked in a game? How many times does a wideout get tackled in a game? And then, how many times does a featured back get tackled in a game? Clearly the RB gets the most hits because he controls the ball longer and gets the most carries of anyone on the team. The QB, of course handles the ball on every play but he has protection from his linemen and does not hold  it for any length of time. So with this scenario it’s logical that the RB will suffer the most injuries of any player on the field. Read more here…

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