Scott Brooks: A classy way to end the NBA season

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The Heat are the Champions. The Thunder lost. We’re not going to write about who scored what, who should have played better, who didn’t guard who or how good or bad the coaching was. We’re not going to ramble on about LeBron James and how this finally is his first championship or how some of us are still angered by some of the choices he’s made.

We’re not going to discuss the way experience overcame youth or how the Thunder was completely overmatched in this series. Instead we will reflect on the fact that the Finals are over. The Heat took it to the Thunder and, as Thunder head coach Scott Brooks said in part of his post-game speech to his team, ..”they won fair and square.”

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For those of you who haven’t seen the video below, it’s a great opportunity to witness part of one of the classiest post-game speeches we’ve ever heard. Brooks urges his team to keep their heads up, refers to them as ‘family’ and then tells them all something at the end that just exudes class and professionalism.

See the video here…



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