Seattle fans ache while Oklahoma City celebrates

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Seattle SuperSonics

The Oklahoma City Thunder are Western Conference champions.  OKC fans are ecstatic with joy that finally they won the Western Conference Finals and were not the runner-up. Many NBA fans think the OKC are favorites to win the NBA Finals. I am right there with them. I don’t think Miami can beat them, and that’s what makes it so painful. Not just painful to me but painful to any Seattle Super Sonics fan. Painful to any sports fan in Seattle.

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I became a Seattle sports fan in 2004 the year the Seahawks won the NFC West championship. I started following the Hawks like crazy, reading up on every player they had, and learning about the history of the Seattle Seahawks. Amazingly, one year after I became a fan they went to the Super Bowl. Imagine my excitement that 2005 season watching my hawks under the leadership of Mike Holmgren and the MVP running of Shaun Alexander crush the opposition. It seemed to me like they would just walk all over the Steelers and I would get to watch the first Seattle sports team since the 79 Supersonics to win a title. Sadly, they didn’t win. As a huge Seahawks fan I’m not going to say that Super bowl was legitimate in any way. Because to this day I believe the refs completely changed the outcome of that game in every possible way. I’m still a little bitter about it. But I thought with how good my Seahawks were they would be back to the Super Bowl in no time. I was so ignorant.

Soon after I started following the Seahawks I started following the Mariners and the Sonics. I love the Mariners but there so painful to watch and the fact that the didn’t win the World Series in 2001 makes me depressed so I try not to invest as much emotion into them as I do the Seahawks. I constantly find myself failing at that. The Sonics on the other hand had won a title. The only one in Seattle history besides a Stanley Cup almost a hundred years ago that no one cares about. Yea they sucked when I started watching them, but they had a certain swagger about them that drew me in. I felt that they were only a few good draft choices away from being good again. I was right.

When Kevin Durant came to town I felt that we were almost ready to really compete again. Well, we weren’t. We finished 20-62. But KD won rookie of the year and we had the 4th pick in the draft so i was pumped. Of course, by this time it looked like the Sonics were guaranteed to leave. I thought everything would work itself out. It didn’t. Bennett stole the Sonics, planted them in Oklahoma City and watched as they started to dominate.

Seattle is a town aching for a title. It’s desperate for a banner to hang in one of its stadiums. When Clay Bennett toke the team he also took our championship trophy and banner. He took all of our retired numbers. He took our history. And now OKC is about to take the thing Seattle has wanted since 1980. A championship. I am not a Heat fan by any means, but i am going to root hard for them. If OKC wins, me and a lot of other Sonic fans will ache.

Victor Moore is a writer for The Sports Blitz Network and can be contacted at

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