In sports, for some players, there really is ‘No Place Like Home’

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We’ve all heard those infamous words “home field advantage” and in most cases it usually has an impact on the outcome of games. But what about the other significance of ‘being home’; not teams but players?

What made me stop and consider the importance and impact it makes if a player is home with his family or if he plays cross country without them, was Steve Nash’s decision to accept a deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. If it’s a ring he’s interested in wearing clearly he would have had a better chance of garnering one in South Beach. He would have had less of a chance of getting to the finals in New York but consider a starting five of Chandler, Stoudamire, Carmelo, Nash, and, if Dolan pushes the right buttons, O.J. Mayo. A finals team? Maybe not, but formidable just the same.

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But Nash chose L.A. for another reason. He wanted to be closer to his family where he’s played for 10 of his 16 years in the NBA and the last eight straight seasons. L.A. to Phoenix is approximately a one hour flight which would get him there in less time than it takes me to get home during rush hour on most evenings!

Remember that Steve Nash never wanted to play for the Lakers and as recently as June 13th on a cell phone interview with ESPN, Nash said that there was ”no way he would ever play for Los Angeles”; one of the Suns’ most hated rivals. He said, “I could never see myself ever wearing a Laker uniform” and yet, that’s exactly what he’ll be doing because he couldn’t see himself uprooting his family and moving cross country, nor playing thousands of miles away from his wife and kids. Read more here…

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