Spurrier: Alabama would be favored over Jacksonville

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Alabama Crimson TideCould Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide beat the Jacksonville Jaguars or Kansas City Chiefs?

According to South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier who appeared on The Dan Patrick Show they would at least be favorite.

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Spurrier said “What do I know?” afterwards, but when asked if the Crimson Tide could beat the Jaguars he said he did believe Alabama would be favored.

Dan Patrick and company are taking his words straight to Vegas as they try to come up with a line for a “make-believe” game.

The question has been asked many times, but this time around, there are two college teams that warrant the discussion.

The stellar defense of Alabama and the explosive offense of Oregon.

The argument usually comes to an end when we step back and remember a college team is filled with players who are Freshmen through Seniors and some at only 18 years of age going up against the men of the NFL.

But the NFL is already taking from the uptempo Oregon offense including Bill Belichick and scouts watch Alabama each and every week to pick the brain of Saban?

Maybe it’s not the players, but the scheme both programs are using that make the teams dangerous?

*Update, Pregame.com’s R.J. Bell messaged into the Dan Patrick Show, the Chiefs or Jaguars would be favored by 24 points if they played Alabama. 


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