Brooklyn Winn: TSB’s hottie

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Brooklyn WinnEver sat there and thought to yourself there must be someone perfect out there? Well, we may have found her for you. This weeks hottie is Brooklyn Winn who has the beauty, brains and oh did we mention she owns a bar?

Born and raised in Southern California she started acting and modeling at the age of seven and has been involved ever since. She prefers to watch sports and not play them but was part of her high-school cheer squad and dance team. She loves the outdoors, hiking, camping, fishing and anything that gets her dirty.

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Brooklyn recently opened a bar in downtown Palm Springs and discovered her newest hobby, beer tasting. She is always looking for local craft brews and different breweries to visit.

We caught up with this week’s hottie and asked her our famous 10 questions.

TSB: Tell us about your career and where you see yourself going?

Brooklyn: I started modeling at the age of seven but my first love has always been acting, it wasn’t till I was in high-school that I started to consider modeling more seriously. While I might never be a high fashion model (I’m 5’3) you’ll still be able to catch me promoting different companies at various events, calendars, catalogs and websites which is an extremely fun job. When I was younger you might have seen me on an episode of MAD TV, That’s Life, or E True Hollywood Story but if not  you may have recognized me in week two of the MAXIM hometown hottie contest ( look for me when semi-finals start & VOTE!). I also work with a few really awesome clothing companies including The Continuous Line.

TSB: You obviously keep yourself busy, do you follow sports or do you have a specific team you like?

Brooklyn: I love sports. I was raised in a small town where there just isn’t much to do on a Friday night except watch the high school football games and I think it was then that I actually fell in love with the sport. Everyone in my family is a Viking fan, my grandpa, my dad, my uncle, my brother, so it was almost like a right of passage for me to become one too and I’m actually really pleased to be one! MMA is also one of my favorite things to watch, something incredibly captivating (and sexy!) about two men fighting for something.

TSB: So who is the hottest athlete is sports?

Brooklyn: Maybe its a little cliché but Tom Brady. He’s the only athlete that I could see myself  bringing home to meet the fam.

TSB: Excuse me, I think I just threw up a little… So would you date a professional athlete, I played a bit?

Brooklyn: In my experience professional athletes are just like everyone else… they’re either really cool or really NOT. Someones career status doesn’t matter when it comes to being “Date-worthy” to me… I like a man who takes care of himself, is laid back, fun, and genuinely respect me – it’s the only way to get me to be your #1 fan.

TSB would like to thank Brooklyn for taking the time out of her busy schedule to put up with us. Be on the lookout for Brooklyn and vote for her on Maxim’s Hometown Hotties contest.

To keep updated with her find her on Facebook.

Brooklyn Winn


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