Alyssa Milano: TSB’s hottie

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Alyssa Milano“Who’s the Boss?” You are Alyssa, you are! Our Hottie of the Week, Alyssa Milano, can be the boss of us whenever she wants and something tells me we would highly enjoy it.

Alyssa Milano was the girl every boy had a crush on in the 80’s as she starred in ABC’s sitcom “Who’s the Boss” from 1984-1992. In fact, I believe Alyssa was my first crush and first poster-girl plastered to my room.

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She has gone on to become the star of numerous small screen movies and other television shows. During her eight-year stint on “Who’s the Boss?” Milano made her feature film début as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s kidnapped daughter in “Commando” (1985) while starring in several high school-themed television movies. But once the show went off the air, she quickly sought to ditch her good girl image in favor of a more sultry adult one by starring in erotic thrillers like “Embrace of the Vampire” (1994) and “Poison Ivy II: Lily” (1996), which featured little more than an excuse for the actress to shed her clothes in highly-charged sex nude hot scenes.

Alyssa was born December 19, 1972 born in Brooklyn New York. Alyssa is an actress and former singer. She started her acting career at a very early age of 11, with her first major role in the television show, “Who’s the Boss”. She starred as Samantha Micelli, the daughter of Tony Danza’s character. Alyssa did a short time in the television show Melrose place were she portrayed bad girl Jennifer Mancini. Then Alyssa played her most famous role in the popular hit TV series “Charmed” were she played the youngest of the Halliwell, Phoebe Halliwell. She had this role for 8 years which really helped her career. Alyssa has been married twice in her life. Once to singer-songwriter Cinjun Tate which only lasted about a year then she married the man that she dated  for about a year David Bugliari  then they married on August 15, 2009.

Alyssa Milano can now be seen as the poster-girl for the NFL women’s apparel which is created by her company “Touch.” How can we not love a woman who loves the NFL?

Alyssa Milano


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