Sarah McDowd: TSB’s hottie

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Sarah McDowdAmong all the stars that the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers have to offer lies Sarah McDowd, who is the real center of attraction in California. Sarah has been featured on numerous magazine covers including Hot Rod, Super Chevy, Sport Truck, MMA Worldwide, and Strobe just to name a few.

Born and raised in Colorado before moving out West, Sarah became a die-hard Denver Broncos fan and also attended the University of Colorado. Despite her killer looks, modeling career, and appearing in numerous magazines and TV shows Sarah stays down to earth by donating her time to charity. When she first moved to California, she volunteered as an adult literacy tutor and is currently working with a program called Project Angel Food, whose mission is to nourish the body and spirit of men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

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Sarah continues to be interested in everything this world has to offer and plans on experiencing as much of it as possible. She loves to learn and says, “I just want to be a friggin’ POLYMATH!”

Her amazing looks and beautiful style have placed her in national ad campaigns for Kawasaki, Affliction, Hart & Huntington, Roland Sands Design, Ivy Hotel and Pherlure Cologne. She has also been seen on national TV shows such as Entourage, Melrose Place, E! news, and our favorite FoxSports. Sarah McDowd is currently the official 2011 Falken Tire spokes-model and also can be seen on national commercials like “Chatline” seen on MTV and Comedy Central.

Sarah bleeds orange and blue for the Denver Broncos and also tried Fantasy Football this past season for the first time with her dad and brother. Never once did she change her roster, add/drop a player, or select who was playing each week but she still went to the playoffs, which didn’t sit too well with her dad and brother.

We asked Sarah a few questions on sports material and here is what we found out:

TSB: Who is the hottest guy in sports and why?

Sarah: David Beckham! No explanation needed, just look at the guy.

TSB: Would you date a professional athlete, why or why not? Have you?

Sarah: I have never dated a professional athlete. I wouldn’t rule it out but at the same time I would never actively seek it out. Too much nonsense comes with the territory, so I am not on the prowl for such a thing. But if it happened and it felt right then sure.

TSB: The Women’s Basketball team at UCONN won 80+ games in a row and beat a record held by the UCLA mens team. Do you think the women’s record is the same as the men’s record or should they be separate?

Sarah: Silly question. If we are talking in terms of just that- a college basketball team winning a certain number of games in a row, then sex is unrelated. Let the ladies have their record. Step up your game boys, and you can have it back.

TSB: What team is going to win the Super Bowl next year?

Sarah: Hard to say, although as I mentioned, I’m a Denver Broncos fan. As such, I CAN say with certainty that they won’t be winning. Too much to work on. Not a Debbie Downer, just being realistic. I would be tickled to death if they won but it’s a longshot!

We would like to thank Sarah McDowd for being a good sport and answering our questions.

To see more of Sarah visit her Website, follow her on Twitter, and like her on Facebook.

Sarah McDowd

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