Steve Nash reaches 10,000 assists

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Steve Nash reaches 10,000 assists as the Lakers took on the RocketsSteve Nash is simply poetry in motion on the hardcourt. His latest accomplishment should lead him into the status of legend even for those who aren’t fans of the scrappy, 6’3” Canadian.

In front of an amped up crowd at the Toyota Center in Houston Tuesday evening, Nash joined a stellar and select crowd as he became only the fifth player in NBA history to reach 10,000 assists. It would be hard to argue that Steve Nash is one of the best when it comes to the pick and roll that the league has ever seen.  He reaches the 10,000 mark because of his incredible sense of vision on the court and his ability to deliver the ball with expert precision.

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With this achievement, Nash joins John Stockton with 15,806 assists, Jason Kidd with 11,969 assists, Mark Jackson with 10,334 and Earvin Magic Johnson with 10,141 assists. Definitely a powerful group of individuals to join, establishing Nash as one of the absolute best in the business.

Nash has been a boost to the Lakers team, which is sorely in need of a boost.  After a dismal 9-14 start, the Lakers began progressing once Nash recovered from injuries and was able to take the floor and provide his much-needed leadership.  The Lakers saw a comeback over the next several games,  The Lakers evened it up to 15-15 before losing 4 straight games to dip back down to 15-19. The possibility of the team missing the playoffs is fast becoming a reality. Moreover, the woes of the Lakers have been increased because of the injuries to their two big men, Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard. This puts the pressure on both Nash and Kobe Bryant to double their efforts because the scoring of the team will fall on their shoulders.

The Lakers difficulties aside, Nash’s 10,000 assist accomplishment is considered to be a legendary mark that several Hall of Fame point guards before Nash haven’t hit.  Nash is truly one of the best all-around players of all time which led him to win two MVP awards as well as three All-NBA First Team Selections.  Without question, Steve Nash is certainly one of the best floor generals ever to play the game, and this is a fitting achievement for him. Nash’s powerful combination of great vision, durability and an uncanny ability to make some impossible passes is the stuff of legends. Hopefully the Lakers will be able to capitalize on these skills and recover their season.

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