So Suh me: Ndamukong called 911

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FOX 2 Detroit has gotten the 911 calls from the car accident last week involving Ndamukong Suh.

It turns out that Suh actually called 911 first, and he told dispatch that a guy had tried to cut him off.

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Suh also informed dispatch that he didn’t trust the other person involved in the accident, so Suh took his license plate down and was going to pull into theDetroit Lions’ facility. That explains why Suh wasn’t ticketed for leaving the scene of the accident. It turns out Suh and dispatch arranged for police to meet him at the Lions’ facility.

Clearly, many of us (myself included) jumped to conclusions about what happened, and that was the wrong thing to do. While we still don’t know what for sure took place, it’s clear Suh wasn’t acting recklessly when he left the scene of the accident, and it’s clear we just don’t know who was at fault. That’s why no tickets were issued for the accident, as police couldn’t determine who was to blame for it.
Suh has suffered quite a bit of bad PR for car-related things, including the accident last week. Given what we now know, however, this particular incident doesn’t appear to be a big deal given that Suh acted responsibly by calling 911. Hopefully the 911 calls will close the book on this story. Read more…
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