Summer Crosley: TSB’s hottie

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Summer Crosley

Somewhere among the San Andreas Fault is this weeks “Hometown Hottie of the Week” Summer Crosley. We are pretty sure that it could be her causing the instability and the earthquakes on the Pacific Ring of Fire. Her beauty is definitely ground shaking, but would she allow us to hold on if we needed it?trans Summer Crosley: TSBs hottie

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Born and raised in Illinois, Summer Crosley has been living in Los Angeles for the last three years. She spends a good amount of her time modeling and appearing on different events. On her days off she’s the one that draws all the attention at the SoCal beaches.

Summer can be seen most recently on the television show Californication. Search on Google and you can find a website that shows her part. According to the website they offer a picture of her “showing her sexy butt riding a guy naked on the side of a bed as his best mate walks in on them” but you do have to be a member.

Some of her other recent work includes a print job for Beryll Sunglasses and a spokes model with Brook Burke for a new and upcoming luxury shoe line.

We asked Summer a few questions on sports material and here is what we found out:

TSB: So Summer what is your favorite sport and who is your favorite team?

Summer: My favorite sport is definitely football and I’m a huge New England Patriots fan.

TSB: So we are afraid to ask, but if there was one athlete that you think is just too damn hot, who would it be?

We will try and forgive you for that…Let’s move on. So have you dated professional athletes? Would you?Summer: Tom Brady, do I need to explain more?

Summer: Yes, I would. I think it would be tons of fun!

TSB: We are sure that you have heard about Brett Favre and Jenn Sterger. What would you do if Brett Favre sexted you pictures of his penis?

Summer: No reply.

TSB: I know we would be shocked too. So, who is going to win the Super Bowl next season?

Summer: I like so many teams, right now it’s just too hard to tell.

We would like to thank Summer Crosley for being a good sport and answering our questions. Big things are up ahead for Summer and we are thankful for her being a part of our Hometown Hottie segments.

Follow Summer’s progression at IMDb.


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