T.O. a Bronco?

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Peyton Manning shocked everyone with his move to the Denver Broncos. To fans that follow football faithfully, it made no sense to pick that team when theSan Francisco 49ers were in the mix. Now that the Broncos have landed their quarterback what will they do to help him?

Denver has no offense, and their team has to be thinking of pairing a wide receiver with Manning via draft or free agency. Unfortunately the free agency has dried up and there’s not that many options left. There’s one big name receiver that people haven’t been talking about and for a good reason.  His name is Terrell Owens and as of late, his name has become bigger than his play.

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Owens has sunk to the lowest of all places to play, The Indoor Football League; he currently is employed by the Allen Wranglers. He debuted for them in November 2011, and posted 51 yards with 3 touchdowns. Owens always has been dynamic in the NFL and has Hall of Fame stats. He also has a reputation for being outspoken and a locker room killer. At the age of 38, does Owens still have enough in the tank to contribute on the Broncos? If he can contribute, will he calm down enough to actually play and show the world that he is a bona fide hall of famer?

This could very well be Owens’ last chance to play in the NFL, if the Broncos will take a chance on him. Is it worth it? I would think so, as the Broncos have already rolled the dice thinking that they have to win now rather than later. They have signed Manning, traded away Tim Tebow but will they roll the dice again on T.O.? You have to ask the Broncos one question, “Do you feel lucky?

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