RG3: Compare me to Aaron Rodgers

Robert GriffinGiven the precocious play of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, which mirrors the precocious play of Panthers quarterback Cam Newton a year ago, the comparisons are natural this week since they play each other.

But setting aside the lazy and frankly insulting implication that they’re similar, based on one obvious factor (not Heisman Trophies), Griffin said he’s aiming a little higher.

“I’d rather be compared to an Aaron Rodgers or a guy like that,” Griffin said, via Rich Campbell of the Washington Times, “someone who has won Super Bowls.”

While it’s easy to perceive that as a slam on Newton, it’s more about Griffin’s own goals. He’s exceeded every expectation this season, but the struggles of Newton make him mindful that he needs to keep working.

Newton called the season “humbling,” and Griffin said he doesn’t want to have the same thing happen.

“You try to appreciate everything and try not to weigh too much on your personal success so that you don’t have to be humbled,” Griffin said. “I don’t want to ever need to be humbled because I always appreciate things and make sure I continue to forward and try to do better.” Read more…

Aaron Rodgers may be without Jennings in 2013

Chiefs Packers Football

On Tuesday, we heard that wide receiver Greg Jennings was thinking about the possibility that 2012 is his swan song with the Packers.

His quarterback has read the same writing on the same wall. Aaron Rodgers took a little walk down memory during a radio interview when he was asked about Jennings, before moving on to address the chances that this is the last year he’ll be throwing passes to Jennings.

“I think you have to be realistic about it and think that it might be. I have loved my time with Greg, Greg and I are going to be buddies whether he’s here or not,” Rodgers said, via ESPNWisconsin.com. “It’s been great throwing to him, but there’s a lot of guys who may or may not get paid the next few years, and obviously with Jordy (Nelson) and his contract situation, I think you have to think about whether or not there’s room for all of us. If there’s not, obviously you wish Greg the best. He’s a great guy and will be a great friend.” Read more…

2012 NFL Season Preview: Green Bay Packers

Clay Matthews

Al Bello/Getty Images

Just 18 months ago, the Green Bay Packers stood alone on top of the football world. In his third season as Green Bay’s starting quarterback, Aaron Rodgers had cemented himself as one of football’s elite quarterbacks. More good things were to come in Green Bay’s future, with the team finishing 15-1 in 2011, their sole loss coming as a fluke to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Packers looked like a strong bet to repeat, but they were suddenly surprised by the New York Giants – the team that would eventually go on to win the Super Bowl.

That one-and-done performance in the playoffs was enough to raise the eyebrows of some fans, but the 2012 Packers are in no real jeopardy. That is, they’re in no jeopardy until one considers how much the division has improved around them. The Chicago Bears have made tremendous upgrades on offense and have shored up their defense, so they figure to be a team that will be difficult to compete with. The Detroit Lions took the football world by storm last year, too. With their young nucleus improving every season and adding new players, they are another team that has the potential to cause problems for Green Bay. Having two divisional opponents that are of playoff caliber will be challenging despite the Packers having been rock-solid for the last several seasons.

As far as the Packers team itself, the biggest focus in 2012 will be on the team’s defense. The 2011 unit wasn’t just weak; they put up historically bad numbers. They allowed about 300 passing yards per game, and ended up allowing more passing yards than any other team in league history. Part of this is due to the fact that Green Bay scored so frequently that opposing teams had more possessions than usual. Even more credit is due to just how pass-happy the NFL has become over the last few years – with several quarterbacks shattering the single-season passing record, it should be no surprise that the worst defensive unit also put up some of the worst numbers ever.  Read More…

2012 Fantasy Football mock draft: 12 teams, standard scoring

Tom Brady went 7th overall in my first fantasy football draft of the 2012 seasonI recently had my first fantasy football draft of the 2012 season. While doing mock drafts online are great they can’t fully prepare you for the surprises of a real “live” draft. For one, without any computer rankings in front of them you will see a lot more reaches and surprising picks. Also depending on where you live, you can usually expert at least one “homer” pick. The results are posted below with my commentary on the best pick, worst pick, and my pick.

Before I get to the results I’ll give you an overview of the league:

  • 12 teams
  • No PPR
  • Pass TDs worth 6
  • Starting lineup: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR/RB, TE, K, D/ST (6 Bench)

Round 1

1. Aaron Rodgers
2. Drew Brees
3. Arian Foster
4. LeSean McCoy
5. Calvin Johnson
6. Ray Rice
7. Tom Brady
8. Ryan Matthews
9. Cam Newton
10. Larry Fitzgerald
11. Matthew Stafford
12. Matt Forte

Best Pick: Ray Rice- Rice is going in the Top 3 – and I’ve seen him go #1 – so to get him at #6 is an absolute steal. I was hoping he would fall to me, but I was more than fine with Brady.

Worst Pick: Larry Fitzgerald- It’s hard to find a truly bad pick in the first round so I’m nitpicking here. If this was a PPR league I would be fine with Fitz, but I would have gone RB here especially with guys like Chris Johnson, Darren McFadden and MJD on the board.

My Pick: With passing touchdowns worth 6 points, getting an elite quarterback is paramount so even though QB is deep I was thrilled to land Brady at #7. Seeing Newton and Stafford go later in the first round only confirmed my feelings on the selection.

See the rest of the rounds here…

A peak at the top 10 NFL players of 2012

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees shake hands after their NFL football game in Green Bay

NFL Network has now revealed 90 of the players on this year’s list of the Top 100 players as voted on by their peers, with only the Top 10 players in the NFL remaining to be named.

And although we don’t yet know the exact order, we can more or less figure out who the Top 10 are going to be.

Packers quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers, the reigning league MVP, will surely be No. 1 on this year’s list after ranking No. 11 last year. Saints quarterback Drew Brees, the only player other than Rodgers to get any MVP votes last year, will almost certainly be No. 2. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who topped the list last year, is a likely No. 3.

Lions receiver Calvin Johnson, who ranked No. 27 last year, seems like a good bet as the highest-ranked non-quarterback. Two other offensive skill position players, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (No. 3 last year) and Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald (No. 14) will also appear in this year’s Top 10. Read more here…

Aaron Rodgers stands by his criticism of the Pro Bowl

Aaron Rodgers

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers had some harsh words for his teammates of the Pro Bowl after this year’s game, and the NFL’s decision to bring back the Pro Bowl for at least another year hasn’t changed his mind.
Rodgers told the Green Bay Press-Gazette that he thought the effort most of the guys brought to the game was a joke.
“After the Pro Bowl experience, the things that happened at the hotel, during the week and then in the game, I just thought was so disappointing,” Rodgers said.
Not only myself, the coaching staff that we brought, but to the fans. I mean, I’m sitting there, I bought six tickets as well so I have six people in the stands watching me in the game and I felt I was embarrassed for them so I just felt like it was the right time to say something like that.” Read more here…